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Portrait photography

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Portrait photography isn’t just about grabbing a camera and taking a photo of a person.

It’s all about capturing the personality of someone in a single shot, using lighting, poses, background, and even props to show who they are.

When someone sees a photo of you, what do you want them to think? Do you want them to see you as smart? Serious? Playful? Powerful? As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

With over 30 years of collective experience in the creative industry, Caroline Towning Studio will capture your essence and attitude in a series of stunning photos.

We’ve worked with musicians, models, entrepreneurs, and even politicians, delivering photos that showcase their personal brands.

Check out our portfolio to see some samples of our previous work.


Working together to find the perfect pose 

It can be challenging to know what we want from a portrait. An exceptional photographer will work with you to understand what makes you you, and take photos that let your personality shine through.

Our experienced photographer Caroline has an eye for detail and the creativity needed to take fantastic photo portraits. Before the shoot begins, she’ll talk with you to understand what you want to achieve from your photoshoot. Then, during the session, she’ll put you at ease, working with you to find the right poses and facial expressions to showcase who you are. 

With a relaxed and fun vibe throughout, you’ll receive a set of innovative and beautiful photos you can use on your website, in a magazine, or display in your home.


Stunning photos in the studio or on location

Our boutique studio is located in fashionable Hoxton in East London. Intimate, stylish, and cosy, it’s the perfect place to take your portrait photos. We have a full range of props and backdrops you can use to inspire your creativity.

Alternatively, we can go off-site if you want your portrait photo taken on location. Whether you feel most comfortable at home or there’s a specific place that makes you feel the most confident, we’ll capture your personality and attitude.

Frequently asked questions about portrait photography with Caroline Towning Studio

Do you take photos at a studio or on location?

We can do both! Caroline Towning Studio is based in Hoxton, East London. If you want to have your photo taken in a relaxed environment where you can take your time, it’s the perfect location.

Alternatively, we can come out to any area of London to take photos for you, whether it’s your home, office building, or another location that you love. Check out our portfolio to get some inspiration.

Do you offer make-up, hair, and styling?

We’ve developed fantastic relationships with local hair and make-up artists over the years, so if you need your hair and make-up done for the portrait shoot, we can sort this out for you. Just let us know what you’re after when you book.

Can I bring my own props to your studio?

We have a selection of props at our studio, so we might already have what you need. We’ll let you know what we have available so you can plan ahead.

If you want to bring your own props, that shouldn’t be a problem. Our studio is very intimate, so let us know if you want to bring large or irregularly shaped props so we can make sure there’s room!

Can you retouch my photo?

Yes, we can remove minor imperfections on a per-photo basis. When we go through your photos, just let us know if you would like any retouched.

How long will I need for a portrait shoot?

There are many factors that come into play when determining how long you need for a portrait shoot. You’ll need to think about how many photos and poses you need and how many locations you want to shoot at. It will also take longer if you have multiple people needing portraits, such as an entire work team.

At Caroline Towning Studios, we offer a two to three-hour shoot, which is ideal for most portrait shoots. We also offer half-day and full-day sessions if you need more time.

If you’re not sure which session is suitable for your needs, let us know what you want when you contact us. We can recommend the right amount of time to ensure your portrait session runs seamlessly.

How much does a portrait photography session cost?


Book your portrait photography with Caroline Towning Studio today

Let us capture your soul with a fun and laid-back portrait photography session. We’ll use our skills and experience to put you at ease and help you pose for the perfect photo. 

Whether you want to take advantage of our intimate studio or take a stunning photo in the location of your dreams, we’re here to help.

Contact us today to arrange your portrait photo shoot.

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