Fashion Shoot

Fashion shoot

Fashion photography in London

With fashion photography, it’s essential to get the perfect photos that represent your brand. 

Whether your brand is fun and playful, urban and gritty, or expressive and dramatic, you need to work with a creative that can get the right shot.

With over 30 years of collective experience in the fashion and creative industries, Caroline Towning Studio is your ideal partner when it comes to fashion photography in London. 

We’ve worked with both established and boutique fashion brands, creating spectacular photos that flawlessly showcase their aesthetic. Check out our portfolio to see some samples of our previous work.

Inspirational fashion photography in the heart of London

Our boutique studio is based in Hoxton, well-known as the London home of designer and vintage fashion. 

Intimate and friendly, Caroline Towning Studio is the perfect hotspot for creativity and innovation. Our experienced photographer, Caroline, will work with you and your models to get the most out of your fashion photo shoot.

We have a range of props and backgrounds on site, and you can also bring your own if you are looking for something specific.

Alternatively, we can go off-site if you want to take photos on location. If you want to make the most of London’s extraordinary buildings and spaces, we’ll take stunning photos that will turn heads, whether on a website or the glossy pages of a magazine.

A bespoke fashion shoot tailored to your needs

Each fashion brand is different, and we provide a service customised to your requirements.

Before your shoot begins, we’ll chat with you to understand your fashion brand and what you want to achieve from your photo session. We can also offer recommendations to ensure you get the perfect photos.

When it comes to your photo shoot, we can be as hands-on as you need us to be. If you know exactly what you want from your photos and photography session, we’ll step back and let you do what you need to do. 

Alternatively, if you need help guiding your models into the right poses and positions, our expert and experienced photographer will take the lead.

We also offer a full-service shoot option where we manage the entire process from beginning to end. From sourcing props to arranging hair and make-up, we ensure your fashion photo shoot is a complete creative and commercial success.

Frequently asked questions about fashion photography with Caroline Towning Studio

Where is your photography studio?

Caroline Towning Studio is located in Hoxton, East London. 

Do I need to bring my own props to the studio?

We have a selection of props at our studio in Hoxton, as well as a range of backgrounds. When you book your fashion photo shoot, we’ll let you know what we have so you can plan accordingly. 

You’re welcome to bring your own props, but please let us know if you want to bring anything large or irregularly shaped so we can make sure there’s room!

Can you take photos on location?

Yes, we can come out to any area of London to shoot photos for you, and can even make recommendations on locations that best reflect the personality of your brand. We’ll work with you to optimise your surroundings and ensure you get the perfect fashion photo.

Bear in mind that you may need a permit for photography in certain locations in London. While we are happy to offer support and advice, you will need to apply for the permit before the fashion shoot can take place.

Do you offer hair, make-up, and styling services?

Yes, we have good relationships with locally based hair and make-up artists that we can involve in your fashion shoot. Just let us know what you need when you get in touch.

Can you provide models?

Yes, if you don’t have your own models, we can arrange this for you. Just let us know what you need when you contact us.

Do you offer retouching?

Yes, we can retouch photos to remove minor imperfections and blemishes like acne and stretch marks. This service is charged per photo.

How long does a fashion photography shoot take?

It depends on how many photos you need, as well as the number of locations you need to shoot at. We offer a shorter two to three-hour shoot, as well as a half-day and full-day session.

If you’re not sure how long you need, we can recommend the ideal time frame.

How much does a fashion shoot cost?

You can find our rates here.

Book your fashion photography session today

With over 30 years in the fashion industry, we use our extensive knowledge and skills to create show-stopping images for your brand. Just sit back, relax, and leave the work to us.


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